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Melbourne Zoo

Don't Palm Us Off - palm oil and its effect on our world

Deforestation in Southeast Asia is threatening the orangutan population with extinction. The Don't Palm Us Off campaign hopes to arrest this problem by tackling the unscrupulous palm oil industry.


In conversation with Claudia Rowe - Atlas Jones Publishing

Print Together had a chat with Claudia Rowe, a self publishing author and illustrator based in Castlemaine. We discussed her inspirations, the process of creating a book, and self publishing. 


In conversation with Michael Harris - The Environment Shop

The team at The Environment Shop are experts in commercial and residential energy solutions. The company have broad experience working with renewable energy, water conservation and climate control system. 



Melbournalia is an online and real-world retailer that champions good design and unique crafts from Melbourne's creative scene.


Deforestation, a modern day plague

Environmentally friendly printing and using recycled paper is at the core of our business. But why is it so important to us? Learn the facts about the harm deforestation causes.


InDesign Tutorial - How to create rich black

Rich black is a stronger and thicker black that looks great when printed and is easy to create. Print Together has made tutorial on how to create rich black in InDesign to help you out.  

Music Victoria

The Melbourne Music City - Music Victoria

The Melbourne Music City from Music Victoria is a one-stop shop for all music-related queries and quandaries in Melbourne.

Graphic Design Speak

Tess McCabe and her new book 'Graphic Design Speak'

With her book, Graphic Design Speak, designer Tess McCabe aims to simplify the graphic design process for non-designers.

Collective Green Printing

Our collective printing process explained

A brief introduction to our collective printing process, which reduces the cost for our customers and reduces our overall environmental impact. What, how, why? 

Culture of Design digital collage

How culture influences design

How culture influences design around the world is fascinating. From Denmark to Latin America to Japan, there are distinctive styles and aesthetics that tie the staggering amount of works together. 


In conversation with Diana Orinda Burns - Printmaker

Diana Orinda Burns is a professional printmaker who has workshops running through the Castlemaine Stage Festival this year, an annual festival celebrating many different forms of art. 

Tear Australia

Taking care of business with TEAR Australia

TEAR Australia is one of our nation's most outstanding organisations, supporting impoverished people all over the world. We produced their business cards.