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Freebie Thursday logo template

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Kraft tags and adhesive labels for Velas Candles Australia

PrintTogether has made business cards, swing tags and stickers for Velas products using 100% recycled 320gsm Kraft paper and 105gsm Kraft adhesive labels.

Pete Cromer Gift Cards

Gift cards for Pete Cromer

PrintTogether has worked with Pete for a number of years to produce a range of gift cards on 350gsm, 100% post-consumer recycled Ecostar Silk paper.

The Centre for Contemporary Photography

The Centre for Contemporary Photography

PrintTogether’s business cards for the CCP are a synergy of quality, environmental responsibility and style. We printed them on our HP Indigo press to get the best possible colour on an uncoated, 100% recycled 350gsm EcoStar paper.

Tima Mose

Tina Mose Illustrator

Originally from Scandinavia, Tina finds inspiration in the simple, but her work includes complex details that come together to form meaningful and wholesome pieces.


Rumble Coffee Roasters - coffee cards

Rumble Coffee Roasters, who source coffee beans from the best growing regions around the world, are on a constant search for delicious coffee to supply to cafes and the general consumer.

From Found

From Found, a fashion social enterprise

Stand out and stand up for what you believe in! That’s the proud motto of From Found, a fashion social enterprise that brings beauty and conscience together.

Mimosa Botanical Adhesive Labels

Adhesive labels for Mimosa Botanicals

Reflecting the feel of Mimosa Botanicals’ products, Print Together produced a set of adhesive labels for the bath soak sachets and bottles.

Audiocraft Booklet

Audiocraft Conference 2017 A5 booklet

With quality and attention to detail in mind, we created a special 24-page booklet for the Audiocraft Conference 2017, a national gathering of audio experts and podcasters in Sydney. 

Deboss mix

Letterpress printing, letterpress blind deboss, letterpress emboss. What is the difference?

Letterpress printing is a very popular process for that extra special card or invitation. But how does it work and what effects are possible? In this article we look at a few different processes and show the finishes that can be achieved.


Sample. Magazine 003 - Collage Design

For this third issue of Sample. we look into the process of collage design - how the images are composed, what materials are used, the thought that goes into balance and colour. Order now at:

Seriously 2

In conversation with 'Seriously Milestones'

'Seriously Milestones' are milestone cards for REAL parenting moments. These could include 'got burnt by the car seat buckle' or 'my first poo in the bath.' And, one dollar from each pack sold goes to Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia. Sounds pretty awesome right? We had a chat with Melissa Kerr, founder of 'Seriously Milestones.'