Annual reports (A4 Portrait)

Our digital printed Annual Reports are saddle stitch stapled with a square fold edge to give the look of a perfect bound book without the extra expense. For quantities over 700, please contact us.

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FAQs for booklet printing

How do I supply Artwork for Booklets?
For saddle stitch booklets please supply just one PDF file from cover to back cover. Please output PDF files in single page format rather than spreads. Please include 5mm bleed and crop lines. For more details on bleed and crop lines download our artwork specifications.

Why do you need 5mm for booklets and only 3mm on other products?
As pages in a booklet wrap around each other the inner pages will be slightly smaller than outer pages. We allow for this creep in pre-production, however having the full 5mm bleed is an extra level of safety when booklets are trimmed. We want to ensure no non printed areas are left on your booklets once trimmed.

What is the difference between self cover and plus cover booklets?
Self cover is when the paper weight is the same throughout the entire booklet ie the cover is the same weight paper as the text pages. Plus cover means an extra thicker 4 pages (1 sheet of paper folded) is added to the text pages. Self cover booklets are cheaper as they can all be done in one print run and thinner covers do not requiring scoring prior to binding.

What is a square edge on a saddle stitch booklet?
Often saddle stitch booklets do not have a spine, all pages are folded to a single point and are stapled. This is fine for thin booklets however, for thicker booklets it means the bulge and do not sit flat once bound. Square edge fold is when a mini spine is created by adding two score lines and stapling in the middle. This allows saddle stitch booklets to sit flat similar to a perfect bound book but without the need for glue.

Do you print hard cover books?
No, 350gsm is the thickest we can do for book covers. You would need to contact a hard case book binder for this. These are often not produced in Australia anymore due to the equipment and cost involved.

Why are there only page number options that are divisible by 4 on your website?
For saddle stitch booklets every piece of paper once folded and stapled creates 4 pages. It is therefore only possible to make booklet pages a division of 4. If you have for example a booklet with only 30 pages in your artwork, either 2 pages would need to be deleted to make 28 pages or 2 pages added to make 32 pages to make it possible to be folded and stapled.

Does number of pages include front and back of a sheet of paper?
Every side of a piece of paper is considered a page. For example a single sheet of paper for a flyer if printed front and back is described as 2 pages. If a piece of paper if folded in half for example a brochure folded from A4 to A5 this is then described as 4 pages as it has a front and back and two internal sections once folded. If a brochure is folded twice for example an A4 fold to DL this is described as a 6 page DL as the folding created 6 DL sections, 3 on the front and 3 on the back of the sheet of paper. For booklets every sheet of paper once folded and stapled creates 4 pages. For example as 32 page self cover booklet is 8 sheets of paper, folded and stapled.

Do you offer custom size booklets such as square or A6?
We do not have prices for custom size booklets on our website as these require additional manual trimming and therefore take longer and cost more to produce. If you would like a quote for a custom size booklet please contact us.

Do you offer landscape booklets?
We do not have prices on our website for landscape booklets as larger sheets are required and therefore cost more to produce. If you would like a quote for a landscape booklet please contact us.

Can I get a sample of the papers you offer?
Absolutely, we have a recycled paper sample pack that contains every paper we have listed on this website. Sample packs costs $5, however this is refunded when you place an order. Request a pack from here: