Sustainable Printing News

Vegetable based inks

How do vegetable based inks help the planet?

Vegetable based inks are a great component of eco-friendly printing, and along with recycled paper stock will give you a beautiful print job that's clean and green.

Tom Phat

Can I get that to go?

Tom Phat is known for their utterly delectable south east Asian cuisine. The new take away menus make it easier than every to get your Asian foodie kick whenever you want.

Firetree Consulting

Fire Tree: Bringing cultural awareness to the people

Fire Tree Consulting works with organisations and companies to bring greater cultural awareness as well as helping to create strategies and plans that look after indigenous employees.

Graphic design

The power of good design

There are several components that make up a well designed piece of art, from focal points and colour to balance and light. Read on to find out more.

The Seed Fund

Discovering new music with The Seed Fund

We have worked together with The Seed Fund to produce a 16 page beautiful booklet that highlights their 2014 management workshop which took place in August.

Starting a business

Start up business essentials

There are three essential items that every small business needs to get off the ground.

Recycled Paper

How eco-friendly paper is created

Eco-friendly paper stock is becoming more accessible and widely used. The benefits of using recycled paper for your business cards, brochures and pamphlets is note worthy!

Hello Polly Postcard

Hi Polly, nice to meet you

Have you been introduced to Hello Polly yet? This stunning brand is your one stop shop for top quality and beautifully modern designer pieces, including artwork, homewares and accessories.

Ikea catalogue tags

IKEA keeps getting bigger and better

IKEA has worked with PrintTogether and Mango, the marketing company, to release tags and bookmarks that give a sneak peak into the 2015 catalogue.

Reef book

Thousands rally together with Fight For The Reef

Fight For The Reef brings together thousands of people who are rallying together to protect this natural wonder that exists right in their backyard.


Typography and the role it plays

Don't underestimate the power of good typography, and use this power wisely to give your company stunning branding that will serve you well for years.

Wedding invite

You're invited to my wedding

A wedding invite is your chance to celebrate your love with your partner. Let everyone you care about know what's happening and what to expect on your special day with clean green printing on your invitations.