Printing on Recycled Paper

PrintTogether only buys recycled paper. We are one of only a handful of printers globally to have this as a fundamental business principle. We buy in bulk at 40-50% cheaper than regular retail prices. Our idea is to make printing on recycled cheaper than non-recycled, to make it an environmentally and financial benefit for clients.

Eco Friendly Sustainable Inks

PrintTogether use a mixture of digital printing, HP Indigo printing and offset printing. Which process is best largely depends on the product and quantity required.

Collective Thinking, Collective Printing

How do you get premium-quality products that are also affordable? Our unique, collective green printing process identifies customers whose similar print requirements allow them to print together on the one press.

Print Finishing

‘Finishing’ is the name given to everything that happens to your printed material after it leaves the printing press. PrintTogether offers a range of in-house finishing such as trimming, round corners, folding, drilling, collating, binding, die-cutting, edge painting, and triplexing to create extra-thick card.