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Deboss mix

Letterpress printing, letterpress blind deboss, letterpress emboss. What is the difference?

Letterpress printing is a very popular process for that extra special card or invitation. But how does it work and what effects are possible? In this article we look at a few different processes and show the finishes that can be achieved.

Porto font


Porto was designed to be a part of a logo design. The font was never used and is now available from uppertype free of charge.


Design Trends

We love watching design grow and change in Melbourne, and we've noticed some techniques that we believe could be the trends of this year. Whether it's a new website header, fresh detail on your company logo or a complete re-brand, your graphics will benefit from the inclusion of some of the following.


Melbourne International Design Week

Melbourne International Design Week recognises and celebrates international design excellence. The event showcases outstanding design from Australia and around the world. 


Deforestation, a modern day plague

Environmentally friendly printing and using recycled paper is at the core of our business. But why is it so important to us? Learn the facts about the harm deforestation causes.

Collective Green Printing

Our collective printing process explained

A brief introduction to our collective printing process, which reduces the cost for our customers and reduces our overall environmental impact. What, how, why? 

Culture of Design digital collage

How culture influences design

How culture influences design around the world is fascinating. From Denmark to Latin America to Japan, there are distinctive styles and aesthetics that tie the staggering amount of works together. 

Postcard digital collage

The history of postcards

Postcards may seem like the simplest, silliest things in the world, but they contain a huge amount of potential and infinite communication possibilities.

Green Events

Sustainable event planning

Are you wanting to plan an eco-friendly event? You may find this is a lot easier than you initially thought! With clever choices and making a bit of extra effort, not only will your event be sustainable, but it will be a smashing success.

Tess McCabe - Graphic design speak

Handmade design

Handmade design options lend a personal touch to your products, and can include collages, watercolour and hand-drawn typography.

Colour Wheel

Understanding colour

Colour is undoubtedly an utterly vital part of design. Understanding how colour works, the colour wheel and how to create harmony are important elements of creating an aesthetically pleasing design.

Printing Press

History of printing

The history of printing is interesting, and dates back to thousands of years ago. The first book, illustration and dedication come from 868 AD in China.