Square stickers

Biodegradable square permanent adhesive labels with split back for easy peel. Cut to any size from 30mm x 30mm. Enter dimensions below for instant prices. Available in matt, gloss and kraft. Paper pulp made from certified well managed forests.

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Free Square stickers templates View free design templates

Custom Sticker Printing

Print Together is proud to offer a wide range of eco-friendly sticker options, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your project. Whether you need circle stickers, square stickers, or rectangle stickers, we've got you covered. Our diverse range ensures that you can express your creativity and convey your message effectively while being environmentally responsible.

Circle Stickers: Circle stickers offer a unique way to showcase your brand or message. They are ideal for product labeling, packaging, event promotions, and much more. With our eco-friendly round stickers, you can be confident that you're making a sustainable choice without compromising on quality or aesthetics. Want just a simple logo in a circle sticker. Use our free design too create this and download a press ready PDF in minutes.

Square Stickers: Square stickers are versatile and can be used for a wide range of purposes, from product labels to sealing envelopes to customising your products or personal belongings. Our eco-friendly square stickers are printed on certified sustainable managed forest pulp, ensuring that your choices align with your values.

Rectangle Stickers: If you need more space for your design or information, our eco-friendly rectangle stickers are the perfect choice. These stickers are well-suited for labeling, branding, and any other creative project you have in mind.

Eco-Friendly Materials: A Commitment to Sustainability
Our dedication to sustainability doesn't stop at sticker shapes. At Print Together, we believe that the materials we use matter just as much. That's why we offer three eco-friendly paper options for your stickers:

  1. Bio-Degradable Matt Paper Stickers: Our bio-degradable matt paper stickers are perfect for those who prefer a smooth, non-reflective finish. Made from sustainable materials, these stickers are not only visually appealing but also gentle on the environment. They will naturally break down over time, leaving no lasting impact on the planet.
  2. Kraft Paper Stickers: For a rustic and natural look, our kraft paper stickers are an excellent choice. Crafted from unbleached materials, they add an earthy touch to your designs. These stickers are also biodegradable, making them an eco-conscious choice for any project.
  3. Gloss Paper Stickers: If you desire a shiny, vibrant finish, our gloss paper stickers are the way to go. Even though they have a glossy appearance, they are made from environmentally friendly materials. These stickers make your designs pop and adhere well to products and packaging.

Effortless Ordering and Express Delivery Across Australia
At Print Together, we understand the value of convenience and efficiency. That's why we've made it incredibly easy for you to order our eco-friendly stickers online. With just a few clicks, you can customise your stickers, choose your preferred shape and paper type, upload your design, and place your order. We've streamlined the process to save you time and effort.

But that's not all – we also offer express delivery to anywhere in Australia. We know that time is often of the essence, and you can count on us to get your custom stickers to you promptly. Whether you're in bustling Sydney, tranquil Tasmania, or anywhere in between, we've got you covered.

Why Choose Print Together for Sustainable Sticker Printing?

There are plenty of reasons to choose Print Together for your eco-friendly sticker printing needs:

  1. Sustainability: We are deeply committed to sustainability, and our eco-friendly sticker options are a testament to that commitment. By choosing us, you're making an eco-conscious choice that aligns with your values.
  2. Quality: We believe that being eco-friendly shouldn't mean compromising on quality. Our stickers are of the highest quality, ensuring that your message or branding looks its best.
  3. Variety: With a range of sticker shapes and eco-friendly materials to choose from, you have the freedom to bring your creative vision to life.
  4. Convenience: Our user-friendly online ordering system and express delivery make the entire process easy and hassle-free.
  5. Nationwide Reach: No matter where you are in Australia, we can get your eco-friendly stickers to you quickly and efficiently.

In conclusion, Print Together is your trusted partner for eco-friendly sticker printing. With our wide range of sticker options and commitment to sustainability, you can be confident that you're making a responsible choice for your printing needs. Ordering online is a breeze, and our express delivery service ensures that you get your stickers when you need them, no matter where you are in Australia. Join us in making a positive impact on the environment through eco-friendly sticker printing. Together, we can make a difference.

Custom Sticker Printing FAQs

Can I see instant prices for custom stickers online?
Absolutely! See instant sticker printing prices on our website: https://www.printtogether.com.au/products/overview/sticker-printing

Can I change the size of my sticker printing?
Yes and no. We offer standard sizes is our dropdown menu to save time for rectangle and square labels. However, if you have a custom size, simply click the check box next to dimensions and manually type your own. The same rule applies to quantities, you can select or manually enter amounts. Circle label sizes are set sizes, these can not be changed. This is because they are pre-cut to shape and size. 

Do you have a design template for stickers?
Yes we do! Our custom made design layout application allows you to create a design quickly and easily using our free pre-made templates. Access thousands of free professional images from Unsplash, custom shapes, fonts and icons all within the app. Personalise your design by uploading your own images, logos, fonts, icons, colours and format text using our application tools. Once you have finished designing, save and export your design directly into our print production for free.  Circle Sticker templates / Square sticker templates / Rectangle sticker templates

Can I use Canva to design my stickers?
Yes, Canva is a great online design tool. You can design your stickers in Canva and then export as a Press PDF and upload it on our website. To see full details of how to design stickers in Canva, download our artwork specifications here: www.printtogether.com.au/pdf/Art-Specs.pdf

Are your stickers recycled?
No, unfortunately there are no recycled labels available for commercial printing in Australia. Envirocare labels were discontinued in Australia a number of years ago as they were substantially more expensive than alternative labels. We bought the very last supply of this stock which has now run out. The next best thing which we now buy is paper labels made from well managed forest pulp.

Do you have clear stickers?
No, clear adhesive labels are made from synthetic materials, we only use paper based products that are recyclable.

Can you print stickers on a roll?
No, we do not have the equipment to print adhesive labels on rolls. Our circle stickers are pre-cut on A4 sheets and overprinted. This is the most affordable way to go rather than kiss cutting each order. Our square and rectangle stickers are printed together on large sheets and cut to size. These large sheets have slits in the backing sheet every 50mm to allow for easy peeling.

How should I supply artwork?
For square and rectangle stickers, please supply as a press ready PDF with a minimum of 3mm bleed and crop lines. For circle stickers please design them as though they are square stickers, ie make any areas of bleed extend past the crop lines as a square, do not crop the bleed to a circle. We advise adding a circle line layer when designing to see how your artwork looks in a circle, but then delete or hide this layer prior to creating your press ready PDF with bleed and crop lines. Download our artwork specifications from www.printtogether.com.au/pdf/Art-Specs.pdf to see how you need to prepare and output files ready to print.  Or you can use our free design templates which will automatically be prepared correctly for print - no stress for you!

What size stickers do you do?
For square and rectangle adhesive labels we can print and trim any size from 30mm x 30mm up to 430mm x 300mm. Simply enter your dimensions into our online quote builder to see instant prices. For circle adhesive labels we offer pre-cut 25mm, 32mm, 45mm, 60, and 90mm all supplied on A4 sheets.

Are your stickers suitable for products like candles?
Yes we print a lot of candle labels to go on cardboard packaging and directly onto glass.

Can I do different sizes in one order?
Unfortunately not no. Prices are only given for one size. You can do multiple designs of the same size, however if your adhesive labels are different dimensions then these need to be processes as separate orders.

Can you print custom shape stickers?
No, we do not have the equipment to cut custom shape adhesive labels. We only provide rectangle, square or pre-cut circles.

Are your stickers waterproof?
No, waterproof / freezer grade adhesive labels are made from synthetic materials, we only use paper based products that are recyclable. The closest we can do in this instance are gloss paper labels which are a little more durable than matt labels.

Do you do removable stickers?
No, all of our adhesive labels are supplied with a permanent adhesive.

Can I print different designs within one sheet of circle stickers?
Yes this is possible, it just requires a little extra time in pre-press to setup artwork ready for printing. Please contact us for a custom quote in this instance.

Can I print a border on my stickers?
We really don't recommend printing borders on adhesive labels. We have a shift tolerance of 1mm for adhesive labels. This means prints can shift in any direction during printing and trimming by up to 1mm. When borders are printed this means some adhesive labels will look asymmetrical.

Can I have a sample print of my stickers before going ahead with the full order?
We do not supply printed samples by default, we print directly from your PDF files. If you would like a price for printing a test sample print only, scroll to the very bottom of our quantity dropdown in our quote builder and select 'sample print'™. The cost of a sample print is basically all time for setup and finishing, plus postage. Unfortunately it takes us as long to setup and trim one item as it does a whole pile.

Can I have a proof?
We do not supply proofs unless artwork amends are required prior to printing, or you request one. We print directly from you press ready PDF files. For full details of how to prepare and output files ready to print from Canva, Layout, Adobe InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop please download our artwork specifications from www.printtogether.com.au/pdf/Art-Specs.pdf  Or you can use our free design templates which will automatically be prepared correctly for print - no stress for you!

Can I print split quantities for stickers? For example 1 design x 250 and 2 designs x 500?
Yes just press '+ Add another split quantity' in our quote builder. You can add as many different quantity splits as required. Please also add the quantity in your file names, so we know how many to print of each design eg Design-Name-1x250.pdf

What if I have more than 10 sticker designs?
You can add additional designs by adding more split quantities. Just click '+ Add another split quantity' in our quote builder. You can add as many different kinds as required.

I have printed stickers with you before, do you keep artwork on file?
Yes we keep all press ready artwork on file. If you have placed an order in the last 5 years you should be able to login to your account with an old quote or reference number and your email address and download any artwork from previous orders. If your artwork isn't in your online account, let us know and we will take a look in our archive for you.

Do you do foil printed stickers?
No, we do not offer foiling for a couple of reasons.
1. Foil makes it harder to recycled paper as the foil needs to be separated from the paper pulp.
2. To get the best results with foil you need to foil stamp. This involves having metal formes made and using these to stamp foil on to paper. This adds a lot of cost to small runs of adhesive labels. Over the years digital foil has grown in popularity with printers as it is a cheap and fast alternative to foil stamping. In our opinion that is all it it is, cheap and fast, it really doesn't look anywhere near as good a foil stamping. Our goal is to make printing on recycled paper affordable, we therefore have decided not to offer foiling.

Do you print stickers with Pantone colours?
No we do not print adhesive labels using Pantone colours. All of our adhesive labels are printed CMYK together on large sheets of paper and then trimmed to size. In order to print using Pantone colours, we need to print just your adhesive labels on their own and set the press up with Pantone ink. This takes a lot of time in setup and therefore costs substantially more than printing collectively with others CMYK.

I have a PDF of an old stickers but I want to change the details on it, can you do this or do I have to go back to my designer?
In most cases it will be quicker and cheaper to go back to your designer if possible. Changing text in the master design file is very quick an easy for a designer to do. If for some reason your designer can't do this, we may be able to edit your PDF. This all depends how the artwork has been setup and saved. If the text hasn't been converted to outlines and we have the font used on file yes we can make changes. If the font has been flattened or we don't have the font used then we will need to replace the font with something similar in order to make changes. The cost of us making these changes is dependent on what needs to be done. We estimate layout costs after reviewing your files and requirements. For more details please contact us.

Can I get a sample of the papers you offer?
Absolutely, we have a recycled paper sample pack that contains every paper we have listed on this website. Sample packs costs $10, however this is refunded when you place an order. Request a pack from here: www.printtogether.com.au/prices/order/sample