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Cone 11 Postcard

2 recycled postcards for Cone 11

Melbourne's Cone 11 creates stunning wares, and two postcards printed by PrintTogether show these works beautifully. 

Scallywag's Gluten Free Cookbook

Printing a Scallywag's Gluten Free Cookbook

When Jas, the Gluten Free Scallywag herself, needed to create a cookbook of amazing recipes, PrintTogether was able to deliver the goods. 

Product tags for The Good Brew Co.

Product tags for The Good Brew Co.

The Good Brew Co. makes a great kombucha - and PrintTogether makes a great kombucha label!

Milkwood Fermentation Postcard

Milkwood Fermentation postcard

When Milkwood got together with Sandor Katz to host a range of fermentation courses, PrintTogether was only too happy to print the stunning postcards to promote the events.


Interview: Racket

Often with art and design we only ever see the finished product. What we don't see is what has happened to get to that point.

Hello Polly

Hello Polly Interview

PrintTogether caught up with Sarah Kelk - owner of the inspirational online design store Hello Polly.

Emily Green 2013 Catalogue

Emily Green

Emily Green is a Melbourne based designer who makes artworks and accessories that explore colour, chaotic geometric shapes and soft, organic forms.

Etsy Winter 2013 Catalogue

Etsy Winter 2013 catalogue

If you haven't heard of or bought something from Etsy, then it must be an extremely large rock you find yourself behind!

Emu Park Bushcare Brochure

Emu Park Community Bushcare 6 page DL brochure

A simple membership brochure to attract new volunteers to join the Emu Park Community Group.

DIY Envelopes

Making your own wedding envelopes… how hard could it be?

PrintTogether recently had the pleasure of helping Pierre and Lucie Curry print their wedding stationery.

Card 3 detail

Arena Theatre - House of Dreaming

PrintTogether worked with Arena Theatre Company to print and die-cut a series of mailing list / feedback cards for their production The House of Dreaming.

Greenpeace - Welcome to Coal World

Greenpeace animation - interview with animator Daniel Bird

Interview with Daniel Bird award winning animator on his latest work for Greenpeace 'Welcome to Coal World'.