Frequently Asked Questions

Quote queries

How are you able to offer such big savings for green printing?

The PrintTogether process is similar to car sharing. We find people that are able to share space on press, and this reduces the cost of setting up the press. We pass these savings on to our customers.

What is your turnaround time?

Turnaround time depends on the size, quantity and finishing required. Our standard turnaround is 4 – 7 working days for most orders. Some large order requiring additional finishing such as forme cutting can take a little more time.

Do you have preferred days to receive artwork?

Yes, we print most collective jobs on Thursday and Friday. This allows the vegetable based inks the whole weekend to dry to get the best results. We therefore suggest supplying confirmation of orders and artwork on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday to get the best results and the quickest turnaround times.

How long are quotes valid for?

Our quotes are valid for 30 days.

I have received a quote for 1 x 1000 business cards. I actually want 10 cards x 100 is that the same price?

Unfortunately not no. More than one design means more than one space on press so the price does go up.

Do your online quotes include a hard copy proof?

No, we use computer to plate technology, which means we print directly from PDF files. We do not supply hard copy proofs.

Do you print gift cards and does it cost more for a few different designs?

Yes we do, and yes the more designs the more space needed on press, which does make the cost go up. The number of designs is very key to how we print the cards and the cost. For example, 8 designs of an A5 to A6 card printed one side only will fit perfectly on to an A2 sheet of paper. This would be cost effective. If however you had 9 design or 10 designs this would mean two sets of plates and setup etc so the price would be substantially more expensive. Best bet is to always discuss your ideas with us to get the most cost effective result.


Artwork queries

How do you require artwork to be supplied?

We use computer to plate technology so all we need is a high resolution (press quality) PDF with bleed and crop lines. Download our guide to creating bleed and crop lines here.

I can’t work out how to supply a file as a PDF can you help?

We may be able to, it depends what program you have designed your artwork in. Best contact us with more details about this. Our print prices don’t include any artwork touch ups, additional cost do apply where assistance with artwork is required.

Can I upload my artwork to your website?

You sure can. When you request a quote we will supply you with a reference number and a URL of where to upload your artwork.

Are you able to do graphic design for us?

We sure can! We have a team of professional designers that can work with you from concept to completion on all print related jobs. We can also offer advice on sustainable communication strategies to help you make a big impact with minimal resources.

Am I able to use my existing graphic designer?

Absolutely! Your designer can supply the files ready to print and we can invoice you direct if required.

Am I limited with what my design can be like?

Not at all. Your designs will be as good as you or your designer can make them! The only thing to say here is that we do print mostly with CMYK. This is for two reasons: most printing requires full colour and also we believe 4 colour process to be environmentally sound for a number of reasons. Anymore than that is just excessive!


Print production queries

Do you supply hard copy proofs and can you guarantee colour matching?

No, we use computer to plate technology, which means we print directly from PDF files. We do not supply hard copy proofs. Also proofs are glossy and look very different to how your items will look when printed on uncoated paper. Colour is the hardest element with any printing. Every paper coated or uncoated, white or off white etc will give a different result. There is no way to guarantee colour unfortunately.

Which paper do you recommend, do you use recycled paper?

We exclusely use recycled paper, if it’s not recycled we don’t touch it! Our house stocks are Cyclus Offset (off white), EcoStar (Bright white) and Ecocern (Brown). All are 100% post-consumer recycled papers. For more information about our papers and the benefits of using them over virgin fibre click here.

Do you use vegetable based inks?

Yes. We use only vegetable based inks for all printed materials.

What are vegetable based inks?

Vegetable based inks use a vegetable oil as their base rather than petroleum. More information.

Can I print with Pantone colours?

You can, however as we are a collective printer, the chances of us finding another client who is using the same unique Pantone colour is very slim. We would therefore have to set up an extra printing plate and you would not receive the benefits of our collective printing process. We therefore recommend using CMYK if possible.

What is the difference between post-consumer waste, pre-consumer waste, mill-broke and alternative fibres?

Post-consumer waste - is paper and card (from items such as juice containers), that has been used and then recycled and made useable again.
Pre-consumer waste - is from paper that has left the paper mill but never made it into use, such as off-cuts and test sheets from printers. This is then sold back and reused again.
Mill-broke – is paper that never leaves the mill, such as off-cuts and low quality rejected materials. This is re-pulped and put back into the mix.
Alternative fibres – are derived from materials other than wood such as cotton, bamboo, bagasse or sugar cane waste.

Does recycling paper use more resources?

No. Making paper from recycled fibre rather than virgin fibre (from trees), produces less air and water pollution. It also generally requires less water and energy to produce. Recycling paper requires removing ink with a type of soap and this results in a toxic sludge. Using vegetable based inks helps to solve this problem.


Post-production queries

Do you use laminates?

No. We do not use any materials that can not be recycled. It is very important to make all items recyclable so they aren’t destined for landfill.

Can my business cards be small than 89mm x 54 and does that cost more?

Yeah that isn’t a problem at all. We just charge an extra $15+GST to trim business cards smaller than our standard size.

Can you cut round corners?

Absolutely! We have premade formes for 5mm and 10mm radius corners. We can trim your items using these formes. The price will depend on the item being trimmed and the quantity.

Do you deliver Australia wide?

Yes we do. Our delivery prices are estimated on metro and regional areas. Prices are subject to adjustment on some remote regional locations.

I’m a designer and want the invoice to come to me, but the items to go directly to my client unbranded, is that possible?

Yes that is fine. We can invoice you directly and send your items to your client without our details on, please just let us know this is required when you order.


Payment queries

What payment options do you accept?

Our preferred method of payment is direct bank transfer. We also accept cheques and cash on collection.
Visa or Mastercard payments can also be made via our website, a 3% surcharge applies to online payments.

Can you liaise with my designer about artwork but invoice me directly?

Not a problem. Just let us know all the details when you order.


Still can’t find the answer to your question?

No problem, drop us an email: