Frequently Asked Questions

Quote queries

Yes you can - you just need to type in the quantity you need rather than choosing from the drop down list.

Our system includes a minimal charge for delivery based on weight so combining does not change the cost. We require any items that are a different size, on a different paper or on a different press to be ordered one at a time. This is to allow us to manage production.

As above, we require any items that are a different size, on a different paper or on a different press to be invoiced separately. You are welcome to pay the total combined amount if paying by bank transfer. Please just let us know if you do this and we will reconcile all orders.

Yes you can - just tick the checkbox and type in the dimensions of your item rather than choosing from the drop down list of size options. 

Our unique, collective green printing process identifies customers whose similar print requirements allow them to print together on the one press. It works like car sharing: if several people are going to the same place at the same time, they can share the cost of the ride. We pass these savings on to our customers.

Turnaround time depends on the product, quantity and finishing required. We turn most standard online orders around in a couple of days. Larger orders and products requiring additional finishing such as forme cutting or wire binding can take a little more time. Each product has an estimate of production time underneath the price.  If you have extra finishing (for example round corners) then this may add an extra day.  If you have a specific deadline you need to meet, please confirm this with us prior to ordering.

Our quotes are valid for 30 days.

Unfortunately not no. More than one design means more than one space on press so the price does go up a little.

No, we print directly from press ready PDF files supplied. If any pre-press adjustments need to be made to your files, we will send you back a PDF proof to check prior to printing. If hard copy proofs are required, please select sample print from the quantity dropdown when ordering online.

Yes we do, and yes the more designs the more space needed on press, which does make the cost go up a little. The number of designs is very key to how we print the cards and the cost. For example, 4 designs of an A5 to A6 card printed one side only will fit perfectly on to an SRA3 (oversize A3) sheet of paper.

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Artwork queries

All we need is a high resolution (press quality) PDF with bleed and crop lines. Download our guide to creating bleed and crop lines here.

We may be able to, it depends what program you have designed your artwork in. Best contact us with more details about this. Our print prices don't include any artwork touch ups, additional cost do apply where assistance with artwork is required.

You sure can. When you request a quote we will supply you with a reference number and a URL of where to upload your artwork.  Or just go to the Log In button on the website and use your email address and your reference (quote) number.

Absolutely! Your designer can supply the files ready to print and we can invoice you direct if required.

Not at all. Your designs will be as good as you or your designer can make them!

Bleed is the area outside the artboard. When designing for print, any artwork elements such as background colours that go all the way to the edge of a page need to extend over the artboard into the bleed area. This is so that we have print either side of the blade when we trim, otherwise you can end up with a non-printed paper line up the edge of your items. Artwork needs to extend into bleed by at least 3mm for flat items (such as cards and flyers) and 5mm for booklets. Extra is needed for booklets to allow for creep as pages wrap around each other. Download our artwork specs to creating bleed and crop lines here.


Print production queries

We exclusively use recycled paper, if it's not recycled we don't touch it! We offer a range of different paper stocks for each product.

You can, however as we are a collective printer, the chances of us finding another client who is using the same unique Pantone colour is very slim. We would therefore have to set up an extra printing plate and you would not receive the benefits of our collective printing process. We therefore recommend using CMYK.

Post-consumer waste - is paper and card (from items such as juice containers), that has been used and then recycled and made useable again.
Pre-consumer waste - is from paper that has left the paper mill but never made it into use, such as off-cuts and test sheets from printers. This is then sold back and reused again.
Mill-broke - is paper that never leaves the mill, such as off-cuts and low quality rejected materials. This is re-pulped and put back into the mix.
Alternative fibres - are derived from materials other than wood such as cotton, bamboo, bagasse or sugar cane waste.

No. Making paper from recycled fibre rather than virgin fibre (from trees), produces less air and water pollution. It also generally requires less water and energy to produce.


Post-production queries

No. We do not use any materials that can not be recycled. It is very important to make all items recyclable so they aren't destined for landfill.

You can type in your dimension to our quote builder if they are non-standard size.  Just tick the check box first.  We can't trim smaller than 30mm.

Absolutely! We can cut 5mm round corners on most products.  This will appear as an optional extra - just tick the box to see the price.

Yes we do. We use Express Post for small items and couriers for larger boxes.

Yes that is fine. We can invoice you directly and send your items directly to your client unbranded. Simply select 'Blind shipping' when ordering.


Payment queries

Our preferred method of payment is direct bank transfer. Visa or Mastercard payments can also be made via our website when ordering, a 3% surcharge applies to online card payments.

Not a problem. Just let us know all the details when you order.


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