Sustainable Printing News

Wormlovers logo

Wormlovers help reduce waste with clean green printing

It's quite fitting that eco-friendly Wormlovers opted for recycled brochures from PrintTogether, using clean green printing on their 6-page DL brochures. 

Organic Angels Logo

Organic Angels maximises printing space - saving time and money!

Cost and time efficiency is top of mind for many companies when it comes to printing for business. But sometimes, the opportunities to achieve this are missed.

The Flyway Print Exchange Bookmark

The Flyway Print Exchange takes flight with eco-friendly bookmarks

The Flyway Print Exchange aims to connect artists of different artistic and cultural backgrounds, and also support the conservation of these waterbirds.

Beau Wylie Illustration

Beau Wylie Illustration makes mark with eco-friendly greeting cards

Beau Wylie Illustration's range of brilliant greeting cards not only brings joy to its recipients - but also to the environment with its clean green printing.

ATA Solar Books

Solar hot water and electricity books for the ATA

PrintTogether used clean green printing to create two booklets for the Alternative Technology Association on solar hot water and solar electricity. 

Hessian Magazine

Issue #1 of Hessian Magazine

Hessian Magazine focuses on achievable environmental goals, and with clean green printing from PrintTogether, they prove how easy this can be. 

Nibble & Nosh

Clean green printing for Nibble & Nosh flyers

Nibble & Nosh are an exciting Australian company that connects Aussies with local restaurants and establishments. 

Eco-Organics Labels

Eco-Adhesive labels for Eco-Organics

PrintTogether used environmentally friendly printing to create adhesive labels for Eco-Organics range of Bokashi products. 

Industrial Sewing Workshop Business Cards

Recycled business cards for Industrial Sewing Workshop

Industrial Sewing Workshop used eco-friendly recycled business card printing from PrintTogether for a unique and practical approach to their cards.

Thom Phat Restaurant Cards

Environmentally friendly printing Tom Phat restaurant cards

Brunswick's tasty Tom Phat restaurant used recycled business card printing to advertise their establishment in an eco-friendly way. 

For me By Dee Gift Cards

For Me By Dee gift card printing

Dee is a talented Aussie local with a passion for creativity and clean green printing, which is why she came to PrintTogether for her range of gift cards!

Transitions Film Festival

Sustainable printing for the Transitions Film Festival Program Booklet

Melbourne's Transitions Film Festival celebrates the transition from the old to the new. PrintTogether produced the program with clean green printing techniques.