Interview with Luke Lucas

Print Weave Make is a series of open days offered by the Australian Print Workshop, the Australian Tapestry Workshop, and Craft to be held over three consecutive Saturdays during November 2012.

Calan Stanley from PrintTogether caught up with typographer Luke Lucas to talk about creating the artwork for the Print Weave Make brochure.

​To start, can you tell me a little about how you got into specialising in typographic artwork?

It was mostly through my background in publication design. I've alway worked from the type out in my magazine layouts and for many publications, design custom typefaces to suit the aesthetic theme of the edition. The more work I did with type the more possibilities that I saw with what could be done.

Can you tell me how the Print Weave Make project come about?

I was referred to Joe Pascoe from Craft (Formerly Craft Victoria) through a friend of mine, to help him develop an ID and put together a DL brochure for a series of open days that are happening this November at Craft, Australian Print Workshop and the Australian Tapestry Workshop.

What was the process in making the Print Weave Make brochure?

I wanted to represent the hand crafted arts of the respective institutions through a hand crafted approach, particularly for Craft and Australian Tapestry Workshop. I designed a simple typographic ID and then created individual executions that represented the respective institutions texturally and aesthetically. Combining modelling clay, hand stitched letterforms and the coarse halftone pattern synonymous with the printing of yesterday I created a physical layout which I photographed, retouched, created the Indesign layout and then set up for press.

Your work is extremely detailed, how do you estimate your time in order to quote on projects, prior to receiving the job and knowing which direction you will take?
Admittedly it's one of my least favourite aspects of my job. In saying that I've been in the industry for a long time now so I have a fair understanding of the processes involved in achieving certain levels of finished art. I assess each brief individually and usually have a clear idea of how I would like to respond before I give any firm project based estimates alternatively I charge as I go.

You made a conscious choice to use an uncoated 100% recycled paper for the Print Weave Make brochure, how important is the environmental sustainabilty of the materials you use?

Sometimes we don't have a choice but I think where we can, taking an environmentally sustainable approach to whatever we do is the right thing to do.

Luke Lucas will be talking about the Print Weave Make project at Sex, Drugs and Helvetica on the 28th September 2012.

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Print Weave Make details:
10 NOVEMBER - Australian Print Workshop -
17 NOVEMBER - Australian Tapestry Workshop -
24 NOVEMBER - Craft -

Created: 21/09/2012