Eco friendly brochures

Get people in the know with well-produced recycled brochures. Printing helpful information together in one place is a fantastic way to spread the word about your brand, a cause you're passionate about, or the latest addition to your company.

What's in a brochure?

Your brochure is a great method to share information in an easily accessible way. You could have fill pages with frequently asked questions and answers, release a brochure every time you get a new product or make notable developments, or you could theme them to the seasons and include relevant updates. This could be a great way to give the latest news of the company, and what is happening in your world. These brochures can be left in your office for visitors to take on their way out, in a stack at your local library or included with in the parcels you ship out.

Brochures are also a great way to share relevant information right on the spot. Are you taking a step-by-step programme or doing a presentation to a group of people who are totally new to the topic? Get some brochures printed for extra information so your audience can have a physical copy of what you're saying - they're sure to understand you even better with a clear and concise reference point.

When you're putting together a plan for your brochure, make sure to keep your audience in mind, the primary reason you are printing it, and what you want to convey - whether that's pure information or a boost to your brand.

How we print

Our passion is sustainability, which we practice through our brochures printing. All of our brochures are printed on premium quality, 100 per cent post-consumer recycled paper. We offer a range of folding options.

Your brochures will pop with our full colour offset or digital printing services. Make sure they are designed by creative professionals who know how to make a product that will not only share information but be pleasing to the eye.

Our team will sort you out with environmentally friendly, affordable brochures no matter where you are in Australia.