Canva / Printing in Australia

Canva is a web based graphic design platform with free and paid plans that allows users to use templates to create logos, materials for printing as well as social media and presentations using an easy drag and drop interface.

Canva has an extensive library of photos and illustrations both free and paid or you can upload your own content into a Canva template.

Canva templates
Canva has thousands of free, professionally designed templates that can be edited online. Use the canva tools and functions to edit text, images, colours and more.

Export Canva designs for printing
Once you have finished designing your printing materials in Canva you are ready to create a print-ready PDF. There are just a couple of steps you need to check first.

1. Make sure you have used high-quality images and logos. If they look blurry on screen they will look blurry once printed!

2. Make sure that you have included bleed. To make this easier to check, select ‘File’ from the top left menu and switch on ‘Show print bleed’. This will reveal the bleed area. Any elements that got to the edge need to run into this area not stop at the edge of the artboard.

To see full details of how to design in Canva and how to prepare files for printing, download our artwork specifications here:

View instant sustainable printing prices online
Once you have downloaded your PDF for print, view our instant sustainable printing prices online 24/7 to have your materials printed.