Stickers and adhesive labels

If you're wanting to get extremely affordable, biodegradable adhesive labels in Australia, look no further. PrintTogether offer a number of excellent paper based adhesive label in rectangle, square and pre-cut circle shapes.

We also understand that not every business needs to order 5000 labels at a time. For small new brands just starting out or for limited edition products a handful to test the market and make some sales is all that are needed. We offer small and large run quantities at prices that do not eat too much into your margins.

Our adhesive label options:

Circle adhesive labels
We offer a range of pre-cut circle permanent adhesive labels at 25mm, 32mm, 45mm, 60mm, & 90mm diameter. Pre-cut circles adhesive labels are the most cost effective way to produce labels. A4 sheets of labels are kiss cut in bulk and then over printed when ordered. This saves time and money on forme cutting and allows us to over print small, medium and large quantities.

Square adhesive labels
Our online square adhesive label prices are for 70mm and 140mm or smaller. These sizes are to maximise the amount of labels that can be produced on a large sheet of paper. We are also happy to produce other sizes on request. Square adhesive labels as printed on large sheets and then cut to size. Our adhesive labels have slits in the backing sheet for easy peeling.

Rectangle adhesive labels
As with square adhesive labels our rectangle adhesive labels are cut out of large sheets. Our online sizes have been designed to minimise the amount of waste material when printed. We offer 52mm x 74mm, 60mm x 73mm, 84mm x 73mm, 140mm x 69mm, 74mm x 105mm, 105mm x 148mm and 148mm x 210mm. We can also cut any of these sizes smaller and offer custom sizes on request. 

Adhesive label materials

All of our shapes and sizes above are available in White matt uncoated adhesive label, Kraft adhesive label and white gloss adhesive labels.

Fast turnaround and delivery Australia wide

We print all adhesive labels twice a week. Cut off for artwork each week is midday Tuesdays and Thursdays, for dispatch Thursday and Monday respectively. We send adhesive labels throughout Australia by Express Post.

Customer service and online resources

Our goal at PrintTogether has always been to make printing adhesive labels easy and affordable. To help make this possible we have developed our own system software that enables easy instant online prices and ordering. Behind the scenes our unique system also allows us to manage orders efficiently and manage workflows to ensure the best use of paper and press time.

Free sample pack

Want to see and feel the weight and quality of our adhesive labels, printing and special finishes before ordering? Request our free sample pack.

FAQs for adhesive labels

Are your adhesive labels water proof or freezer grade?
No our online adhesive labels are all made of paper. 

Can I get multiple designs and different sizes as one order?
Yes if you require, multiple designs, sizes and quantities, please let us know and we will work out a custom quote for all in one order.

Do you print adhesive labels in Australia?
Yes all of our printing is done in Australia. The majority of our adhesive labels are printed in our workshops in Castlemaine, Victoria.

Do you print bumper stickers?
No, bumper stickers require a vinyl adhesive label and UV print which we do not do.

Do you print adhesive labels on a roll?
No, all of our adhesive labels are printed on pre-cut A4 or large flat sheets and then trimmed. Printing on rolls is only cost effective for large orders and use different quality labels.