Swing Tags / Product Tags

For that little extra something to tie to your products, get yourself some designer swing tags. Here at PrintTogether, we specialise in printing with environmentally friendly materials and processes, while offering great quality and affordable prices.

About our swing tags

Swing tags are a funky way to give people information about your product, whether a jumper or a canvas bag. You can get them printed with your unique label and the name of the item on the front, while the back can be saved for the technical information such as materials, price and size.

When you're getting your swing tags sorted, be sure to get them designed especially. They can help to build a reputation of attention to detail for your brand and share your aesthetic. Well designed tags will catch the eye of potential customers or those that are already loyal to you.

When you get your swing cards printed with us, you have the option of square or rounded corners and either 3mm or 5mm drill holes. Bear this in mind before you get your design. If you don't have your own creative and professional graphic designer, we can help.

How we print

Our special techniques ensure your products are printed at the topmost quality. Our systems and processes also means our products are created with environmentally friendly printing.

The main ways we practice sustainability and make sure our business is kind to the environment is through our materials and printing processes. We use vegetable based inks that still keep your design clear and vivid but are free from the potentially hazardous chemicals commonly used in commercial printing.

We use one of two eco-friendly card stocks as part of our sustainable printing focus - Ecostar and boxboard. Both of these are 100 per cent recycled, so no rainforests were harmed in the making of your tags! The Ecostar paper is brilliant white, rich in quality and perfect for a brighter look. If you want something more rustic, the raw brown boxboard is the way to go. This unbleached paper suits bold designs and block colours. Other recycled paper available on request.

With us, your swing tags will be printed either offset or digitally. Digital is ideal for really small runs or multiple kinds.

Have a gander at the cost of swing tags and design on our website. If you'd like to make use of our services, you can order right there and then - it's easy online and your swing tags will be on your doorstep within 2-5 working days.