Presentation Folder Printing, Melbourne

Presentation folders are as important as your opening lines. When you're putting together your conference material, don't leave the handouts until the last minute - spend a little time getting a top quality folder and make a stellar first impression.

Fantastic folders

Presentation folders are super practical, whether you're using one for a seminar, welcome pack or promotion. When you're sharing knowledge with an audience and you have a whole lot of handouts to keep together, ditch those staples and paper clips and use a folder.

Go further than having a plain, unmarked folder and create one that is bold, punchy and delivers your message and focus. A professional and unique folder that has a combination of great design and crisp clean green printing gives the sense that you deliver quality, you pay attention to detail and know what you're talking about. Your audience is more likely to pay attention and they'll be tempted to find out more.

Printing perfection

We are all about giving you a great service that utilises sustainable printing. With our custom folder printing, it doesn't matter if your folder has an elaborate and intricately drawn elephant on the cover or a simple design with classic typography.

Your folder will be printed with vegetable based inks on Ecostar paper or Brown box board. EcoStar is our 100 per cent eco-friendly folder printing stock - through either digital or lithographic methods. Using Ecostar paper is a staple of our environmentally friendly printing service. It's premium bright white, high quality, carbon neutral, uncoated paper that's the best of its kind available. The post-consumer fibres, or the products that have been recycled, are found near the mill so transport, and therefore greenhouse emissions, are low.

To ensure you get just what is right for you and your presentation, you can choose from a range of folder sizes, with both single and double sided options. We can also help out with creative graphic design if required.