Recycled Greeting Cards Printing

What is great about greeting cards?

Greeting cards are a classic way to let someone know you care, and personalised greeting cards add that extra special touch.

Cards can be used in any occasion, whether you're telling your best friend happy birthday, congratulating your new pals on their marriage, or consoling someone after the loss of a loved one. You can tell someone congratulations on graduating, thank a friend for helping you out in a tricky time or inspire someone when they need a pick me up. No matter the reason, when you pick up that card and pen your message, you're letting them know you care.

There are certain things you should keep in mind when you're designing your own line of greeting cards. Make sure your card has a strong focus and expresses a mood or tone - whether your style is subtle and elegant or bold and bright, remember your card is being used to send a message. When you're looking at starting or expanding your own line of cards, it's a good idea to have certain distinctive features that will set you apart from the rest. Even when you have cards to suit many occasions, you could have a theme tying them all together. For instance, if you love the medium of watercolour, this could be your defining feature. Don't be afraid to express what you love and what makes you unique!

A personalised greeting card will make your message extra special if you're writing a lot of thank you notes for the attendees to your special day, or are celebrating your first Christmas as a family. Choose a photo that means something to you, or choose a design. Photos are a great way to add character to your greeting, whether it's of your family in crazy Christmas sweaters or you and your new hubby on your honeymoon.
Why should you get your greeting cards printed with us?

For a start, all of our greeting cards are printed on 100 per cent recycled paper. We use two recycled paper stocks, EcoStar or Boxboard. EcoStar is our smooth and white matte paper, used for high resolution photos or designs with fine lines, whereas Boxboard is more rustic, and a pure, unbleached brown. If you'd prefer, we can also provide other recycled paper. We use a Xerox 800 digital printing press that produces to give the best colour finish.

Using recycled paper is just one way we practice sustainable printing. We also use a number of clean, green printing processes. For instance, we use vegetable based inks and a waste management system. We use everything we possibly can, from paper cut-offs to used ink containers, and dispose of the rest in the cleanest way.

When you get your greeting cards printed with us, you'll have options. There are the standard sizes, such as A5 and A6, but you can also get a customised size that will suit your image and use. You can also choose to have your cards printed single or double sided.

You don't just have to use just one design, either. If you're more interested in printing a group of cards that have a similar theme, you can choose to have multiple designs. If you're taking this route, we recommend printing even numbers, as this is more inexpensive option.

For more information about our environmentally friendly printing, the options available and our other work, have a look around our website.