What's in a booklet?

When you're looking for ways to share information, booklets are a great way to go. Booklets are educational tools, perfect for sharing knowledge with anyone from school kids to conference attendees. Your booklet can equip your target audience with tips, techniques or strategies. 

If you use your booklet to share useful information, it can be a great and lasting form of marketing. Your audience will associate your brand with being helpful and clever. If you are visiting a convention, holding a conference or having a brainstorming session, giving out a booklet at the beginning or end will tie in nicely with the rest of your presentation.

Along with being clear, relevant and handy, booklets should also be well designed to ensure they stand out and convey effortless capability. When you're putting it together keep in mind your target audience. It's also important to ensure it's functional while also aesthetically pleasing. Think clean, simple designs that have a strong focal point and are cohesive throughout. Also, don't be afraid to make it your own. Be bold with your unique and distinctive voice.

What makes PrintTogether great?

Choosing PrintTogether means you are choose an environmentally friendly printing company that will provide you will a crisp print job. We have everything needed to set your up with a heap of beautiful booklets. Whether you're after a huge print job, and you want 10,000 copies to distribute, or are only after 60, we have you covered. 

All of our printing stock is 100 per cent recycled - this is just one aspect of our clean green printing process. In fact, we re-use materials and manage the waste we produce throughout. Our waste management system ensures we re-use whatever we can, whether that's cartridges or off-cuts, and dispose of the rest in the cleanest way possible. We make sure we're using only what we need with every job. Sustainable printing reduces our impact on the environment and means we can save time and money to give you a quick and affordable service. With our top paper stocks and vegetable based inks, the product is also top quality.

There are also a number of printing options, so you can get exactly what you need and want. Select from various paper weights whether you want a thicker cover or self cover and from a range of binding options. We have Saddle Stitch Staple, Perfect Binding, Burst Binding and Wiro Binding. 

Check out our online quotes and order page, which lays out all of the options and makes the whole process quick and painless. We also deliver nationwide, so no matter where you are you can have your booklets shipped right to your door.