Swing tags

We offer a range affordable and premium quality 100% recycled paper options printed full colour. Select standard sizes or enter your own custom dimensions below. 3mm or 5mm holes available. String not provided.

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FAQs for swing tag printing

Can I change the size of my swing tags?
Yes, we offer standard sizes is our dropdown menu to save time. However, if you have a custom size, simply click the check box next to dimensions and manually type your own. The same rule applies to quantities, you can select or manually enter amounts.

Do you offer circle swing tags?
No, we only supply square or rectangle swing tags. However we do offer round corners as an optional extra for all of our swing tags.

Can I have the drill hole where ever I like?
Yes, if you would like your hole in a specific location such as top center or in one corner, please just also supply a drill hole guide PDF along with your press ready PDF artwork.

Do you have string to go with the swing tags?
No, we only supply printed materials. We do not supply string or offer any threading service.

Is it cheaper to print swing tags one sided?
All of our swing tags are printed full colour both sides. We are different to most printers in that we make our biggest savings by printing items together rather than printing items one at a time. This means we save money by being more efficient with how we print rather than by using cheaper materials. If you design a swing tags that is just one sided it is still more cost effective to print that on a larger sheet of paper with other double sided items, rather than on it's own as a one off print. You of course can print swing tags just one sided if you wish, however it will be printed with other double sided cards, so the cost is the same as our standard double sided swing tags.

What is he difference between your 350gsm Economy and 350 Premium uncoated paper?
The paper in both of these instances is exactly the same. The difference is how they are printed. Economy is printed on a conventional digital printing press which gives a smoother satin look and feel to any printed areas. Premium is printed on a HP Indigo printing press which gives a matt finish to printed areas. For designs with large areas of print such as solid coloured backgrounds, we recommend our Premium option for best quality results.

Can I do a custom size swing tags?
Yes our online quote builder allows you to select from a range of standard sizes or manually enter a custom size. Simply click the check box next to the standard dimensions to enter your custom size.

How do I supply my artwork?
Please supply artwork for swing tags as a press ready PDF with a minimum of 3mm bleed and crop lines. Please do not put a drill hole circle in your final artwork, we do not want to print this. Instead please provide a second PDF indicating the hole location. For full details of how to prepare and output files ready to print from Canva, Crello, Adobe InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop please download our artwork specifications from www.printtogether.com.au/pdf/Art-Specs.pdf

Do you have a design templates for swing tags?
At this stage we do not offer design templates, it is something we plan to explore in the future. If you would like to use a template we recommend Canva or Crello. Download our artwork specifications from www.printtogether.com.au/pdf/Art-Specs.pdf to see how you need to prepare and output files ready to print in both these applications.

Can I print a border on my swing tags?
We really don't recommend printing borders on swing tags. We have a shift tolerance of 1mm for swing tags. This means prints can shift in any direction during printing and trimming by up to 1mm. When borders are printed this means some swing tags will look asymmetrical. If you really want a border we recommend only having this on one side of your swing tags and making it at least 5mm in from the edge. This allows us space to re-trim if required to try and make them as symmetrical as possible.

Can I have a sample print of my swing tags before going ahead with the full order?
We do not supply printed samples by default, we print directly from your PDF files. If you would like a price for printing a test sample print only, scroll to the very bottom of our quantity dropdown in our quote builder and select ‘sample print’. The cost of a sample print is basically all time for setup and finishing, plus postage. Unfortunately it takes us as long to setup and trim one item as it does a whole pile.

Can I have a proof?
We do not supply proofs unless artwork amends are required prior to printing. We print directly from you press ready PDF files. For full details of how to prepare and output files ready to print from Canva, Crello, Adobe InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop please download our artwork specifications from www.printtogether.com.au/pdf/Art-Specs.pdf

Can I print split quantities for swing tags? For example 1 design x 250 and 2 designs x 500?

Yes just press '+ Add another split quantity' in our quote builder. You can add as many different quantity splits as required. Please also add the quantity in your file names, so we know how many to print of each design – eg Design-Name-1x250.pdf

What if I have more than 10 swing tags designs?
You can add additional designs by adding more split quantities. Just click '+ Add another split quantity' in our quote builder. You can add as many different kinds as required.

I have printed swing tags with you before, do you keep artwork on file?
Yes we keep all press ready artwork on file. If you have placed an order in the last 5 years you should be able to login to your account with an old quote or reference number and your email address and download any artwork from previous orders. If your artwork isn't in your online account, let us know and we will take a look in our archive for you.

Do you do foil printed swing tags?
No, we do not offer foiling for a couple of reasons.
1. Foil makes it harder to recycled paper as the foil needs to be separated from the paper pulp.
2. To get the best results with foil you need to foil stamp. This involves having metal formes made and using these to stamp foil on to paper. This adds a lot of cost to small runs of swing tags. Over the years digital foil has grown in popularity with printers as it is a cheap and fast alternative to foil stamping. In our opinion that is all it it is, cheap and fast, it really doesn't look anywhere near as good a foil stamping. Our goal is to make printing on recycled paper affordable, we therefore have decided not to offer foiling.

Do you print swing tags with Pantone colours?
No we do not print swing tags using Pantone colours. All of our swing tags are printed CMYK together on large sheets of paper and then trimmed to size. In order to print using Pantone colours, we need to print just your swing tags on their own and set the press up with Pantone ink. This takes a lot of time in setup and therefore costs substantially more than printing collectively with others CMYK.

I have a PDF of an old swing tag but I want to change the details on it, can you do this or do I have to go back to my designer?
In most cases it will be quicker and cheaper to go back to your designer if possible. Changing text in the master design file is very quick an easy for a designer to do. If for some reason your designer can't do this, we may be able to edit your PDF. This all depends how the artwork has been setup and saved. If the text hasn't been converted to outlines and we have the font used on file yes we can make changes. If the font has been flattened or we don't have the font used then we will need to replace the font with something similar in order to make changes. The cost of us making these changes is dependent on what needs to be done. We estimate layout costs after reviewing your files and requirements. For more details please contact us.

Can I get a sample of the papers you offer?
Absolutely, we have a recycled paper sample pack that contains every paper we have listed on this website. Sample packs costs $5, however this is refunded when you place an order. Request a pack from here: www.printtogether.com.au/prices/order/sample