About our Head Honcho

Calan Stanley – Head Honcho, Print Together

My love of printing and design started in London where I spent 10 years, after leaving high school. A bit lost in a big city, I ended up with a job in a print shop, where I learnt the basics of print finishing and quickly realised that design and all things visual was what I really wanted to do.

That spurred me to study fine art which satisfied my creative mind. After completing my degree, I worked for an art gallery where I did just about everything from answering the phone, archiving, helping artists with installation, even standing in a corner keeping an eye on the black skivvy wearing punters who visited. I also started to learn about graphic design on the job by helping to design invitation cards and exhibition catalogues. It was this that I enjoyed the most.

I decided to move on and worked for several years in London as a junior and mid-weight graphic designer for a handful of large companies, small agencies and eventually starting out on my own. Working closely with printers and as a print manager, I learned more about paper and print process and developed an appreciation for sustainable design and printing, something I was very passionate about.

Upon moving back to Melbourne, I was shocked to realise that only a few printers at the time were concerned about the environment - most didn’t have a website and very few offered recycled paper, those that did charged a fortune.

And so PrintTogether was born. It came about as a way for me to make quality printing more environmentally sustainable, easy and affordable for my clients. Now many years on, we have grown our client base to thousands of businesses all around Australia and employ a small team of dedicated, like minded folks who continue to help to make our philosophy a reality.