In conversation with 'Seriously Milestones'

What sparked the first idea for 'Seriously Milestones'? 

My husband and I are constantly coming up with business ideas, most of them are ridiculous, and all of them involve being able to work for ourselves and retire at 40. For some reason this one came up and I cannot for the life of me remember how/why/when - luckily it stuck though.  


What message are you trying to spread? 

That parenting is bloody hard work and that people don't need to pretend that they've got it all together - no one has. People put so much pressure on themselves to be perfect parents, Seriously Milestones hope to take that pressure off a bit and allow people to have a laugh. 

What is included in each pack? 20 hilarious milestone cards! 

The cards that you get have been picked because they are moments that we know pretty much all parents have been through - or will go through at some point. Because babies don't like to play by the book either, there are a few cards that you can fill in specifically for your situation. 


How has starting this business influenced your own life? 

Starting this business has meant that I've been able to stay with my 2 little kidlets and work my own hours. Sometimes the hours are a bit all over the shop but I love the flexibility. It also gives me a good laugh on a daily basis because I am constantly getting pictures from customers of their kids in the funniest moments. 

Why did you choose Print Together? 

Because you rock!! I initially picked Print Together online printing service after reading about your environmental philosophies and processes, but stuck with you because of the customer service and A-MA-ZING quality. Seriously Milestones would not be the same without Print Together and I love that you help me deliver a consistently awesome product - thanks! 


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Created: 30/08/2016