About Print Together, Melbourne Victoria

PrintTogether was born of a desire to make printing more environmentally sustainable. Drawing on over 18 years’ print and design experience, we deliver exceptional service and value.

Print socially

Printers know that printing several customers’ materials together, rather than individually, uses the press most efficiently. But printing rarely happens this way due to customers’ diverse requirements: different paper stocks, formats, quantities, deadlines and so on. We match-make those customers who can print their materials together.

Print economically

The most expensive part of the print process for small runs is setting up the press, because of the time and resources involved. But the cost of setting up is the same for one customer as for several customers printing together. So if you print together, the cost to you is less.

Print environmentally

Printing can have a major impact on the environment. But by using the printing press in the most efficient way – by printing together - your impact will be less. We work with the greenest print processes and use only environmentally certified quality materials.