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Sustainable Printing News
Wedding invite A wedding invite is your chance to celebrate your love with your partner. Let everyone you care about know what's happening and what to expect on your special day with clean green printing on your invitations. 
Created: 19/08/2014
Jackson Teece Jackson Teece has been at the helm of some innovative architectural projects. Their latest business cards are simple, chic and environmentally friendly.
Created: 14/08/2014

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" Print Together have provided the Melbourne Craft Cartel with superior service and product. They have always been on stand-by with great advice and helped create product to completely satisfy the needs of the most diverse bunch of people you would ever meet. "

Rayna Fahey
Melbourne Craft Cartel

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Graphic Design Services

Graphic design

PrintTogether offer a full creative design service for startup businesses to large organisations. With over 20 years creative design experience we offer high quality, creative branding and communication solutions for both print and web.

To discuss an idea please email Calan Stanley on design@printtogether.com.au or phone 03 8060 7412. Alternatively please complete our design brief form.

Eco-graphic design Practices

With a little careful planning we can all make a big difference to the impact we have on our environment. Sustainable design is a simple yet very important method of creating beautifully designed materials that don't destroy the environment.

People often think 'If it's Eco it's going to cost me more'. This need not be the case. Sustainable design looks at how to make the best use of materials to reduce energy consumption, pollution and waste. This may be done by using less paper, less ink and fewer chemical processes - which helps to reduce expenses and environmental costs.

Sustainable design considers not only the aesthetics of the finished item, but the project as a whole – before, during and after production. Does the designed item need to be printed? Could it be as effective in PDF, website or email format? If it does need printing, careful planning of the quantity required is essential. Printing too many will result in needless waste; printing too few will necessitate reprinting, which is costly and not at all sustainable.

It is extremely important that environmentally responsible papers are used. Paper mills are having to become more responsible in their methods, which means there are now a wide range of high quality paper stocks that are recycled from post-consumer waste, that haven’t been chlorine bleached and that hold ink to look, feel and smell just as good – if not better – than non-sustainable papers.

Sustainable design practice also looks at the best printing and finishing methods for the job - for example, page layout on the printing sheet. Sometimes using a slightly different size or format can have the same end result, but without using another set of printing plates - saving you time, waste and money.

Does that navy blue and metallic logo really need to be printed out of CMYK and a metallic Pantone colour? That is 5 colours and a nasty metallic pigment. It may look as good, or better, with just 2 spot colours. And why use hazardous chemical petroleum inks when vegetable and soy based inks are just as good and are much easier to de-ink and recycle once the item is no longer wanted?

The above is just a brief example of key elements that are used in sustainable design. The great news is you don't need to know it all.

All you need to do is choose to design sustainably.
We’ll do the rest...