Clean Green Printing processes

Lithographic (offset) printing can have a major impact on our natural environment if not carefully managed. New technologies and systems need to be put in place to ensure the production of materials are undertaken in the best possible way. For example:

  • Technologies such as CTP (Computer to plate) should replace the use of film. CTP systems should also be chemical free.
  • Vegetable based ink should be used instead of petroleum based ink. By using vegetable based ink, solvent based cleaners can be replaced with water based cleaners to clean the press, reducing VOC emissions.
  • Energy should be supplied from a green supplier.
  • All items resulting from the print process - such as paper off-cuts, pallets, plastics, ink containers, cartridges, wipes etc - need to be either recycled or re-used. A waste management system needs to be followed to ensure the cleanest methods of disposing of items that can not be reused or recycled.
  • Advice and guidance needs to be given to customers about the environmentally friendly paper stocks and finishes on the market: there are hundreds to choose from. Advice can also be given to ensure the press is used in the best possible way. Sometimes changing the format, shape or size of printed materials can made a big difference on press, either reducing the amount of plates required or avoiding wastage of unused paper.

Collective thinking

PrintTogether are the first and only printing business to exclusively offer collective green printing. Uniquely, we identify customers whose similar print requirements allow them to print together on the one press.

Setting up the printing press is the most costly part of the print process for small orders. By printing your materials side-by-side with others', we save time and money on the ‘make ready’ (getting the press ready to print). We then pass this saving onto you.

It works like car sharing: if several people are going to the same place at the same time, they can share the cost of the ride.

By using the press in the most efficient way, we reduce the environmental impact of your printed materials even further, reducing the amount of plates, paper, ink, energy and water required for each job – just as car sharing lessens the environmental impact of your journey.

PrintTogether only use environmentally responsible equipment, materials and suppliers and we are happy to help you out with any questions you may have.