Recycled paper

Sadly, about 70% of all paper is produced from virgin fibre (such as from rainforests). Logging these old-growth forests also accounts for around 30% of global carbon emissions. This needs to change! Our house stocks are 100% post-consumer recycled.

Environmentally friendly inks & toner

There are different types of printing inks available for offset printing. Inks are made up of various ingredients such as pigments (organic or inorganic) which create the colour, an oil base liquid that is mixed with the pigment and then dries, and a binding agent made of either organic resins or polymers. PrintTogether only use vegetable based inks for offset printing.

Clean Green Printing processes

Lithographic printing can have a major impact on our natural environment if not carefully managed. New technologies and systems need to be put in place to ensure the production of materials are undertaken in the best possible way. For example…

Print finishing

‘Finishing’ is the name given to everything that happens to your printed material after it leaves the printing press. PrintTogether offers a range of in-house finishing such as trimming, round corners, folding, drilling, collating, binding, die-cutting, edge painting, and triplexing to create extra-thick card.