Designer Products

Our designer range is set to impress with extra-thick 570gsm – 600gsm products. Printed on natural and tactile 35% cotton paper, with unique special finishes such as letterpress debossing and embossing, custom-painted edges and duplexing and triplexing with coloured card. International shipping available.

Affordable letterpress cards

Take your cards and invites to the next level with a beautiful letterpress deboss or emboss. Available on our luxurious thick cotton papers as well as kraft boards and coloured card.

Printed collectively every week to save time and money. View our prices online or request a custom quote.

Super-thick 600gsm – 35% cotton cards

Made from two outer layers of 150gsm Wild and an inner core of 300gsm Wild, a natural and tactile off-white paper made from 35% cotton with an extra-soft and luxurious feel. Also available with custom-painted edges.

Core-coloured 570gsm – 35% cotton cards

Made from two outer layers of 150gsm Wild, a luxurious, natural and tactile 35% cotton paper, with a 270gsm coloured core. Choose from a whopping 15 different colours. Try matching a colour in your artwork to one of our core colours. Download our swatch library to import into InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop.

15 core colours to choose from


Edge painting

Our custom-painted edges are available in a range of pre-mixed colours, as well as fluorescents to add an extra pop of colour, metallics to add a little sparkle. Edge painting works best with printed solids on the front and back of your card and a contrasting colour on the edge.

Free sample pack

Want to see and feel the weight and quality of our paper stocks, printing and special finishes? Request our free sample pack.